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COCITER is a 100% green, 100% community-based electricity supplier.

Having been in operation since 2013, COCITER (which stands for Comptoir Citoyen des Energies scrl) is a cooperative society that operates solely in Wallonia. It is made up of 12 approved civic cooperatives in Wallonia that produce renewable, mainly wind-generated, electricity. This means that it does not buy any electricity outside its network of affiliated cooperatives.

For this reason, COCITER positions itself as a 100% green, local, community-based energy supplier. As a result of this value proposition, it has been recommended by Greenpeace in its ranking of the greenest energy suppliers in Belgium.

COCITER operates on the principle of an associated cooperative. In this way, by buying shares and becoming cooperators, customers are fully involved in the cooperative’s operation and decision-making processes. Firstly, they buy their energy collaboratively, and, secondly, they become co-producers and consumers of their electricity. By investing, customers are involved in financing and fulfilling their projects, and therefore in boosting the local economy. In addition, they can take part in the cooperative’s decisions. 

It should be noted that COCITER offers a preferential deal to its members. However, all other Walloon residents, whether businesses or private individuals, who are not members can also obtain their electricity from the cooperative. 

Lastly, in 2017, COCITER launched a crowdfunding campaign to diversify its funding sources. This will be spread over 5 years and will be used, in particular, to support COCITER’s IT development.


A sustainable, cooperative philosophy applied across the company’s entire value chain

COCITER and its members respect and apply the seven cooperative principles of the International Co-operative Alliance:

  • autonomy and independence;
  • concern for community;
  • voluntary and open membership;
  • democratic member control;
  • member economic participation;
  • education, training and information;
  • cooperation among cooperatives;

The cooperative society aims to provide electricity through a short supply chain and in an ethical, sustainable and non-profit way. It therefore wants to offer residents a collective and cohesive means of regaining power in the energy sector. 

Within the COCITER organisation, the employees work together in a spirit of value co-creation. Their salaries are fair and in line with the market, with a minimal difference between the highest and lowest salaries.

On a daily basis, COCITER is committed to reducing its environmental impact wherever possible: it favours electronic bills, and, where printing is absolutely necessary, it is done using ink and paper certified as sustainable.  The organisation is also committed to controlled waste production and the use of fair trade products.


A transparent, reliable offer, combined with a local service

COCITER publishes the monthly rate cards that apply to both residential and business customers. These prices include the annual statement, with connections, and are valid for a maximum annual electricity consumption of 50Mwh.

COCITER’s pricing policy aims to be transparent, honest and reliable. It is committed to finding a balance between competitive prices and market prices, but without necessarily claiming to be the cheapest. 

The rates are calculated in such a way that they cover COCITER’s actual costs. The company pays particular attention to its local service, in a spirit of “by the community, for the community”. 

COCITER offers three different contracts, all at a fixed price. The duration and the price per kWh are the two elements that change depending on the contract chosen. The three types are:

  • 1 year fixed
  • 2 years fixed
  • 3 years fixed

The longer the duration, the lower the energy price (kWh).


You may be interested in COCITER if...

  • You would like to be a consumer and be involved in a collaborative, sustainable project;
  • You support a fair, transparent, reliable pricing policy, even if it is not always the lowest;
  • You want to receive 100% green, community-based electricity produced in Wallonia.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house: 0800 37 369



Billing, threat of disconnection, budget meter:

  • Customer service: 080 68 57 38, available during office hours
  • Email:
  • Post: Unter den Linden 5/E/1, 4750 Elsenborn

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