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Ebem, focus on the environment and competitive prices

Ebem is an energy supplier that was created by the municipality of Merksplas, which is also its sole shareholder. 

When the energy market was liberalisedin 2002, the small Flemish municipality decided to retain control over managing its electricity. Ebem was set up for that purpose. Since then, the company has been supplying green electricity and natural gas to around 20,000 individuals, sole traders and small businesses based across Flanders

Ebem also prides itself on being independent of all established energy producers. This is made possible thanks to the decentralised production units it uses, which means it can produce part of the energy it supplies from biogas installations. The result is sufficient to cover the electricity needs of 700 Belgian households. In addition, Ebem has also invested in photovoltaic installations. If its electricity production is not sufficient to supply all its customers, the company can turn to 150 local producers.


Comprehensive customer service 

Ebem’s customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to interacting with their energy supplier: telephone, fax, email, post, and even a physical meeting at the company’s office are all possible. Ebem also states that it does not work with an external call centre and that customer queries are handled by the company’s own employees.

In addition, customers also have access to an online customer space (“Mijn Ebem”), where they can view their bills, amend their personal data, adjust their preferences, and even order wood pellets (in which case they are redirected to Ecopower).

Finally, regarding payment methods, customers can pay their bills by bank transfer or direct debit. In the event of a dispute, the company encourages its customers to send proof of payment by fax.


Fixed-rate and variable-rate contracts, online or not

Ebem offers several types of gas and electricity contracts to address the needs of each customer. This means that households or businesses can choose the deal that best suits their consumption profile. 

However, even though it offers electricity at a fixed rate, the supplier openly encourages its customers to choose a variable-rate deal. It is convinced that this type of deal will give them the best rates, even though there is a degree of risk if prices rise.

✓ “EBEM Groen Variabel” and “EBEM Aardgas Variabel”, variable, open-ended green electricity and gas deals

Ebem Green Variable and Ebem Gas Variable are the Flemish supplier’s flagship products. As the names suggest, these are variable-rate contracts that are indexed each month. Their particular feature is that they are open-ended. If you choose one of these two contracts, it will only end if you change product or supplier.

These two packages also offer benefits that the other Ebem deals do not have: customers are not restricted to managing their contracts online, and there is a choice of payment method (direct debit is not required). 

✓ “EBEM Groen B@sic 2020” and “EBEM G@S Online”, the best online contract at a variable rate

The B@sic (green electricity) and G@s Online (natural gas) contracts are Ebem’s main “online” offers. They both have a variable rate (indexed monthly) and a one-year contract period.

The main characteristics of these “online” contracts are that you have to sign up online, and communications and billing both happen digitally as well. However, customers can ask to receive their bills by post, but this is not encouraged by the supplier. 

Finally, and only for companies, these contracts require payment by direct debit.

✓ “EBEM Groen B@il” and “EBEM GAS B@il”, online contracts at competitive variable rates

For price-sensitive customers, Ebem offers another type of online energy contract at particularly attractive rates. These are the B@il contracts for gas and electricity. 

As with the B@sic contracts, the prices are adjusted every month, the contract period is one year and you have to sign up online. However, there are some notable differences between the two ranges:

  • It is not possible to receive bills by post, and communication between Ebem and the customer must be done only online.
  • Customers - private individuals or businesses – must pay their bills by direct debit.
  • They are also required to pay a deposit. For individuals, this is 400 euro for electricity and 300 euro for gas; for businesses, the amount is 1,500 euro for electricity and 800 euro for gas. The deposit will be refunded in full at the end of the contract, provided that all the bills have been paid on time.
  • No other special offer is possible with this type of contract.

However, it is not guaranteed that the B@il contracts are the most advantageous financially. So it is always useful to compare their prices with those of other suppliers before making your choice.

✓ “EBEM Groen V@st 5.0”, the fixed-rate online electricity contract

Lastly, for customers who prefer stability, Ebem offers a fixed-rate contract but only for green electricity. This contract lasts for one year. The supplier states that, 8 weeks before the end of the contract, customers will receive the new rates that will be applicable. They can then decide whether to continue the contract or switch supplier. As a reminder, any consumer can legally change their energy contract whenever they wish. It is not necessary to wait until the end of the contract.

As with the B@sic contract, Groen V@st is an online contract. It therefore has the same features: you have to sign up online and, by default, communication and billing also take place online. However, customers still have the option of requesting their bills by post.


You may be interested in Ebem if:

  • You want to support a publicly owned, 100% Belgian supplier;
  • You wish to consume green, locally-produced electricity;
  • You like having a choice of several online contracts.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house: 0800 37 456


Contact Ebem

Customer service014 43 10 31
Fax:014 43 10 32

Industrieweg 3-5

2330 Merksplas

Energy mix
  • Biogas6,00
  • Wind turbine20,00
  • Solar0,00
  • Water energy72,00

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