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Ecopower, the largest Belgian energy cooperative 

Ecopower is a cooperative company with limited liability founded in 1991 in Belgium, in Berchem. Its objective is to boost green energy production. To achieve this, it invests heavily in renewable and sustainable energy capacity and continues to expand its wind farm

In parallel, but to a lesser extent, it owns a number of photovoltaic facilities, small hydraulic turbines, and biomass power plants. As a result of these investments, Ecopower is able to cover the electricity consumption of an increasing number of citizens.

Even though the company encourages all Belgian consumers to participate in the energy transition, it only operates in Flanders at present. Consequently, only people living in the north of the country can choose it as their green electricity supplier. However, this does require them to become a shareholder of the company. To be a customer you have to buy a €250 share. Today, Ecopower has more than 50,000 cooperative members, and it is possible to buy up to 20 shares.

In return for this investment, the cooperative shares the revenue generated by its activities among its members. Each member also has the right to cast a vote at the annual general meeting.

This desire for unity can even be seen in the supplier’s interactions. Thus, it states that collaborating is in its DNA and that, in addition to establishing links with grassroots organisations, it works regularly with other renewable energy cooperatives. Why? Because, in its view, “together, we are in a stronger position to shape a different economy”.


Customer service reserved for its members 

As mentioned above, Ecopower supplies electricity only to its cooperative members. To acquire this status and become a co-owner of the production facilities, you must purchase one or more shares. 

Once you are a customer, you can contact the company in various ways: by telephone, by email or via a contact form. Customers also have access to a personal space called “Mijn Ecopower”. This practical tool can be used, for example, if you need to notify a change to your energy contract because you are moving house.

Regarding bills, these can be received by post or email and paid by bank transfer or direct debit.


A green electricity deal with a fixed-rate which varies by distribution network

Ecopower supplies electricity but not natural gas. In practice, the supplier offers a single type of contract, with fixed rates, in other words which remain the same throughout the duration of the energy supply contract.

Note that, since 2017, Ecopower has adapted its prices per kilowatt hour (kWh) based on network area. The company therefore takes account of the fact that distribution costs are higher in some areas than in others, so that it can distribute its prices evenly without making a loss. 

Of course, it is always 100% renewable electricity produced directly from the Ecopower facilities. This is undoubtedly a significant contribution to ecological transition. It also means that it is recommended by Greenpeace in its greenest energy supplier ranking. 

Finally, we should  mention that Ecopower also sells wood pellets, as well as briquettes. These are produced sustainably at the cooperative’s own factory and can be ordered online.


You may be interested in Ecopower if:

  • You want to invest in green electricity production and get involved in a variety of sustainable projects;
  • You are sensitive to the values of responsibility, solidarity and transparency upheld by the cooperative;
  • You don’t have gas, or you don’t mind getting your gas from another supplier.

For queries concerning rates, switching supplier or moving house: 0800 37 456


Contact Ecopower

Bill, threat of disconnection, pre-paid meter:

Customer service:

03 287 37 79

Open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 5.00pm, except Monday between 11.00am and 1.00pm


Ecopower cvba

Posthoflei 3 bus 3

2600 Berchem


Energy mix
  • Wind turbine59,00
  • Solar40,00
  • Water energy0,00

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