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Eneco, a benchmark in renewable energy 

Eneco is a Dutch company. It entered the Belgian energy market in 2003, serving Flanders and Wallonia but not Brussels. Initially, it only offered services to business customers, but it then broadened its offer to private individuals in 2011.

Eneco is an energy distributor and producer. Its niche is local green electricity production. Through this activity, it intends to combine renewable energy with affordable prices for everyone. Customers appear to find this ambition attractive, since Eneco is now one of the leading energy suppliers in Belgium.

In 2020, it was the 3rd largest supplier in Flanders, behind ENGIE and Luminus. In Wallonia, Eneco also ranks well (6th largest in gas and 5th in electricity), despite the market being dominated mainly by ENGIE, Luminus and Lampiris.

The company owes this position in part to its takeover of Eni Belgique in 2017. As a result of this acquisition, it now has more than 1.1 million residential connections.

Eneco is clearly seeking steady and sustained growth, but the company also has other ambitions. Above all, it wants to become the most sustainable energy supplier in the country, with 100% of its green electricity produced in Belgium by 2025. To achieve this, the company is investing in sustainable projects and is constantly expanding its wind farms and solar parks. 

In 2019, Eneco was bought by a Japanese consortium made up of Mitsubishi Corporation and Chubu. The company maintains, however, that its values have not changed as a result of being bought. 

Noticeably, the company has lost a few points in the 2020 Greenpeace ranking. The reason behind this drop is because the Dutch provider is somewhat a victim of its own success. In order to keep up with the demand, it now needs to buy its enery on the European energy market. Nevertheless, the environmental NGO still has a "positive image of the company".

“5-star customer service” and flexible billing

Eneco maintains that every effort is made to provide clear, effective, and honest customer service. A strong incentive for consumers to switch to this type of energy supplier.

In practice, the company can be reached on weekdays between 8.00am and 6.00pm in the following ways:

  • by telephone (freephone);
  • by email;
  • by chat ;
  • through social media;
  • via the My Eneco online customer space.

On My Eneco, customers can manage their energy contracts (including when moving house), view their bills, change the amount of their monthly instalments and update their personal data.

Concerning billing, customers can choose whether to receive their bills by email or by post. Customer can also choose their preferred paymentmethod, in other words direct debit or bank transfer.


A varied gas and green electricity deal

Eneco offers various types of contract. Although the company focuses mainly on the green and sustainable nature of its deals, its prices also feature prominently. The Eneco rates with their special offers are often among the top results on our energy price comparison site. But it is important to note that the reductions appear only on the comparison tools and not on the Eneco site. So it’s useful to compare prices regularly to find out whether Eneco is the cheapest supplier at a particular time.

✓ The Go deal from Eneco – for all the essentials

This green (solar and wind) electricity and/or natural gas contract has some fairly limited options, but it is competitive. It does not provide the Comfort Bonus benefits (see below). It offers a fixed rate and requires email billing.

✓ The Fixed contract – the security option

This contract from Eneco gives you a fixed price for one year. It differs from the Go contract in that it includes the Comfort Bonus option and a choice of billing.

✓ Follow the market trends with the Variable option 

Eneco offers a Variable contract for its solar and wind electricity and for its supply of natural gas. Its price is indexed every three months based on the Endex103 indexation parameter. As a reminder, a variable price is a price that varies according to price fluctuations on the wholesale energy market.

✓ The Flex deal – the other advantageous variable contract

The supplier offers another variable-rate contract, the Flex contract. This is the deal that Eneco features most prominently on its website. Its price is indexed every quarter based on the Belpex-S21 indexation parameter. This contract is available for the supply of green electricity and natural gas.

✓ Choose 100% Belgian with the Plus deal

The Plus deal from Eneco promises to supply you with green electricity produced in Belgium. Its rate is fixed for three years. It is slightly more expensive than the other contracts, but it combines price stability with green, locally-produced energy. This contract is also available for the supply of natural gas.

✓ The Solar Roof deal – for owners of photovoltaic panels

Eneco has also considered solar panel owners with this dedicated, one-year, fixed deal. However, it is exclusively for electricity and does not include the supply of gas. It also guarantees that the electricity component that Eneco supplies is from Belgian wind farms or solar panels.

✓ The extra benefits

Eneco offers a range of services for its customers, depending on how long they have been with Eneco. This is called the “Comfort Bonus”.

  • If you have been a customer for at least 3 months, you are entitled to the “Comfort Home” benefit, which provides assistance if you have problems with your home (technical issue, lock problem, etc.).
  • If you have been a customer for a year or more, you can access the Repair benefit in addition to Comfort Home. This includes assistance for bicycles, household appliances and electric cars.
  • Finally, if you have been a customer for two years or more, you are entitled to the Protect benefit in addition to the above benefits. This entitles you, among other things, to partial payment of your energy bill if you are unemployed or unable to work.


You might be interested in Eneco if:

  • You want to support a sustainable energy project;
  • You want a clear, simple rate card;
  • You own solar panels.

For queries concerning rates, switching supplier or moving house: 0800 37 456


Contact Eneco

Billing, threat of disconnection, pre-paid meter:

For non-customers:010 20 80 00
For customers:
  • Billing queries: 010 23 97 97
  • All other queries: 010 23 97 96
Email: Online form in FR or NL
Online chat:Link to Chat in FR or NL


Energy mix
  • Biomass10,00
  • Wind turbine70,00
  • Nuclear12,00
  • Fossil fuel4,00
  • Biogas4,00

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