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Energy.be, the new kid on the energy market

Energie.be is the latest arrival on the Belgian energy scene. This very young supplier was founded in 2020 by Bart Feyen and Tom Van Den Bosch, who both previously worked at Luminus. 

Simplicity and honesty are the values that Energie.be promotes on its website. In addition, this supplier has also waved goodbye to misleading offers, discounts for new customers and complicated tariff options since the same tariff applies to every consumer. 

Energie.be focuses on local and green energy and on very low tariffs that are not much higher than those of the wholesale market. They can maintain these tariffs thanks to an exclusively online service and a simplified offer. 

The same price for everyone

Energie.be is very simple when it comes to energy tariffs. The supplier doesn't offer special new customer discounts, dynamic energy contracts or prices that differ according to the type of customer. There is only one offer available to its customers. 

In practice, however, things are more complicated, since Energie.be sells its electricity and/or gas to both private and professional customers. Solar panel owners can also count on Energie.be for their feed-in tariffs when their electricity has to be fed back into the public grid. In practice, their rates are calculated as follows:


People who take out an electricity contract with Energie.be opt for a variable energy price that follows the wholesale prices and is adjusted according to the Belpex-S21 indexation parameter. Added to this energy price is the annual subscription fee of € 25, the costs of green electricity and cogeneration, taxes and levies, and the network tariffs. 

If you have solar panels and a digital meter, Energie.be offers you feed-in compensation calculated according to the Belpex-S21 indexation parameter, free of taxes.


If you opt for a gas contract with Energie.be, you also benefit from a variable gas price indexed according to the TTF-S41 indexation parameter. A subscription fee of € 25 a year is also added to your contract, as well as taxes and levies. If you choose Energie.be for gas and electricity, bear in mind that you will pay the subscription fee twice. 

Online customer service

Energie.be is a new supplier that is very much in tune with the times and offers an exclusively online customer service. You can therefore reach them by email or through their online contact form. 

The supplier offers its customers an additional service whereby you can send your bill to tariefcheck@energie.be and they will tell you how much you can save. 

Energie.be could be of interest to you if you: 

  • Live in Flanders;
  • Wish to benefit from a single tariff for gas and electricity, without too many complications;
  • Prefer a small local supplier to a major energy provider;
  • Are happy to communicate with your supplier exclusively online.

Contact Energie.be 

Bill, power failure, prepayment meter

E-Mail :support@energie.be
Online : Via le formulaire sur le site internet d'Energie.be (in Dutch)
Address  :

Koning Albert II laan 7

Brussels Region 1210


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