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ENGIE, Belgium’s top producer and historical supplier

ENGIE – formerly ENGIE Electrabel until 2019is a Belgian company involved in energy production and distribution. Although it now belongs to the French group ENGIE (hence its current name), its history is closely linked to that of Belgium as it initially had the monopoly for electricity distribution in the country. 

In 2007, the liberalisation of the energy market in Belgium opened the way for new suppliers to challenge ENGIE for the top spot. However, ENGIE still retains a dominant position today.

As an energy producer, the company is operates nuclear power plants and manages the sites at Tihange and Doel. It also manages several renewable energy production facilities, including a reservoir power station and some wind farms.

A brief history:

  • 1905: creation of La Société d’Électricité de l’Escaut which became EBES several decades later
  • 1990: merger of EBES, Intercom and Unerg to create Electrabel
  • 2003: SUEZ becomes the majority shareholder of Electrabel
  • 2007: SUEZ finalises the total acquisition of Electrabel
  • 2008: SUEZ merges with GDF, forming the GDF SUEZ group
  • 2015: GDF SUEZ is renamed ENGIE
  • 2016: Electrabel changes its name and becomes ENGIE Electrabel.
  • 2019: the transition to the new name is complete: ENGIE Electrabel becomes simply ENGIE, a limited company and subsidiary of the ENGIE Group


The customer can choose their preferred communication and billing method

In terms of customer service, ENGIE offers its customers several points of contact:

  • Telephone
  • Online chat
  • Email

ENGIE billing: delivery and payment methods

From an administrative point of view, customers can choose whether to receive their bills by post or by email. Regarding payment methods, they can choose between bank transfer or direct debit. Finally, for those who prefer to centralise their bills, it is also possible to pay via Zoomit. 

Note, however, that not all options are available for all products. Some deals, for example, do not include customer service by phone or invoices by post.

What can customers do on the MyENGIE customer space?

In any event, customers can amend their preferences through the online customer space, which is accessible via the ENGIE website. 

Customers can also use this platform to manage their energy contracts if they move house.

In order to offer more independence to its clients, ENGIE gives the option to modify personal data such as postal address or phone number. Customers also get the option to ask for the amount of their monthly invoice to be adjusted or, in certain cases, to do it themselves with just a few clicks.

The My ENGIE account finally lets clients check their consumption history and submit their meter readings when moving house or for the yearly adjustment bill.

A closer look at the different products

Is ENGIE the cheapest gas and electricity supplier? That depends on each person’s consumption criteria. A price comparison is the only way to tell, but ENGIE offers a number of products to address its customers’ various needs. The products are grouped into 2 ranges: Easy and Direct.

It is important to note that discounts for new customers are often applicable when taking out contracts. These introductory offers are very advantageous but are always time-limited. It is therefore highly recommended that you compare your gas and/electricity prices once the promotion has ended.

✓ Easy, able to adapt to all needs

The Easy range is ENGIE’s standard range. It provides the customer with a one-year deal and a variable rate indexed quarterly for electricity and/or gas. With Easy, the rates are established based on a futures market, where energy is purchased for delivery in a later period. This means that the price displayed applies for the current quarter.

Easy gives you the choice of the type of customer service (online of offline), of invoice delivery (e-mail or post), as well as the billing method.

✓ Easy 100% green, 100% Belgian

The Easy also offers a green and 100% Belgian option. You get the same conditions and can be certain of where the energy came from at the same time.

✓ Direct, an online offer for reduced rates

The Direct range is more limited in terms of options. It is a purely “online” contract. This means that the customer can only access the services offered on the ENGIE website. In addition, billing only happens by e-mail.

Direct provides a variable rate indexed monthly. It is established on the basis of a spot market, meaning that energy is bought for delivery on the next day. The actual price billed monthly is therefore only known at the end of the month, meanwhile the rate card shows the last known value. The advantage of this deal is that the rates are cheaper than those of other ENGIE products, because this system is more comfortable for the supplier.

✓ Direct 100% green, 100% Belgian

The Direct range also has its sustainable and local option. You still benefit from your attractive rate and its online plan for green and Belgian energy.


You may be interested in ENGIE if:

  • You prefer to deal with players who have a long and established track record
  • You want not only an electricity supply but also solutions for managing your consumption more efficiently, such as Boxx, ENGIE’s smart thermostat.

For queries concerning rates, switching supplier or moving house: 0800 37 456


Contact ENGIE (e-mail, phone, online help)

Billing, threat of disconnection, pre-paid meter:

Residential customer service: 

078 35 33 33

Opening hours: 

  • Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 8.00pm
  • Saturday, 9.00am to 1.00pm.
Business customer service:078 78 20 20
Email:Contact form in FR or NL


Energy mix
  • Biomass4,00
  • Wind turbine13,00
  • Nuclear48,00
  • Solar0,00
  • Fossil fuel27,00
  • Biogas0,00
  • Unknown3,00
  • Cogeneration5,00
  • Water energy2,00
  • Geothermal energy44,00

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