Lampiris is a gas and electricity supplier committed to offering cheaper, sustainable, local energy. Its head office is in Liège, and it has operated throughout Belgium since 2003 and in the French market since 2012.

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Lampiris, an energy supplier enjoying remarkable growth

Having first appeared after the liberalisation of the energy market, Lampiris has quickly established itself as the third-largest gas and electricity supplier in Wallonia, after ENGIE (formerly Electrabel) and Luminus. Its performance is even more impressive in Brussels, where it ranks second behind ENGIE. 

Created by Bruno Venanzi and Bruno Vanderschueren in 2003, the company has around a million customers today. Lampiris owes this success in part to its environmentally-friendly positioning, at a time when such an approach was not yet a priority for its competitors. So the Liège-based supplier invested in renewable energies and implemented a number of “energy advice” campaigns and a range of ancillary sustainable services.

In 2016, Lampiris announced that it had signed an agreement with TOTAL under which it would be bought by the well-known French oil company. The acquisition of Lampiris confirmed TOTAL’s plan to expand in the gas and renewable energy sectors. TOTAL has also proved to be one of the world leaders in the photovoltaic industry as a result of its purchase of SunPower in 2011.

Today, Lampiris takes care of the retail customer division, while TOTAL looks after the business customers.

Although Greenpeace did not view this acquisition positively, the customers themselves continue to have confidence in Lampiris. It remains one of the largest energy providers in the country.


Accessible customer service and traditional billing

Lampiris can be contacted through the common communication canals: by telephone or email. If needed, you can also address a direct mail to the company.

Regarding payment preferences, Lampiris offers a choice of direct debit, bank transfer or Zoomit. In terms of receiving bills, although billing via email is encouraged for environmental reasons, paper billing remains an option for Tip and TOP customers.

Managing your contract is easy via the “My Space” platform, where you can, for example, adjust the amount of your monthly instalments.


Simple pricing and a range of ancillary services

Lampiris basically offers three products for gas and electricity:  TipTOP and Online. A fourth option (Solar) exists but is reserved specifically for owners of photovoltaic panels. 

These contracts usually come with significant special offers for new customers.

✓ Tip, the package for small consumers

In detail, Lampiris Tip for electricity and Lampiris Tip for gasare available at a variable rate which is indexed quarterly. This package is the company’s flagship product. 

In terms of contract duration, it is set to one year. During that time, the clients have access to all the services and customer benefits offered by Lampiris. 

The supplier states that this product is ideal for small consumers, in other words, households with one or two members.

✓ TOP, the “family” package

For households with higher consumption (typically families of 3 or more people), the company has created Lampiris TOP for electricity and Lampiris TOP for gas. These contracts offer a fixed price per kWh. If you choose this package, please note that the charge is higher than for a Tip contract.

The duration of a TOP contract is set to one year in Flanders and in Wallonia, but not it is more flexible in Brussels. Indeed, a customer living in the capital city may choose a duration of 3 years if they prefer. In terms of customer benefits, these are the same as those available to all other Lampiris customers.

✓ Online, the economic option

The key feature of the Online product is that it requires online contract management and email billing. In return for these restrictions, the Online package for gas and electricity offers competitive variable prices. These are indexed on a monthly basis. 

If you live in Wallonia or Flanders, the contract lasts for one year. If you live in the Brussels region, the duration will be three years.

✓Solar, the solution for solar panel owners

In 2019, Lampiris launched Solar, a package specifically for owners of photovoltaic panels. It guarantees a fixed price for one year for Flemish and Walloon households, and for three years for Brussels households.

The benefits offered with this product include a better buyback price for green certificates, assistance if problems arise, and a dedicated telephone number for photovoltaic systems.

Note that this package is only available for electricity, not for gas.

✓Ancillary services in keeping with sustainable development

Lampiris has diversified outside traditional gas and electricity supplies. Today, there are a range of services linked to the energy sector:

  • Insulation (quotations and works in partnership with external specialists)
  • Heating (boiler maintenance and breakdown assistance)
  • Photovoltaic panels (quotations and works in partnership with external specialists)
  • Electric cars (electric Mobility product and adjusted electricity prices)


You may be interested in Lampiris if…

  • You prefer simple pricing;
  • You want to resell your green certificates on favourable terms;
  • You appreciate a local service.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house: 0800 37 369


Contact Lampiris

Billing, threat of disconnection, budget meter:

Customer service04 340 64 64, Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 7.00pm
Moving house0800 11 115
Information on buying back green certificates:0800 17 480
Post (head office):

Rue Saint-Laurent, 54

4000 Liege


Energy mix
  • Wind turbine37,00
  • Water energy25,00
  • Biomass24,00
  • Biogas11,00
  • Solar0,00

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