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Luminus, the leading challenger in the Belgian energy market

SPE (Société productrice d’électricité) was set up in 1978 following the merger of several small producers and intermunicipal organisations. At the beginning of the 2000s, as a direct result of the liberalisation of the energy market, SPE became the default supplier for some municipalities. Shortly afterwards, it merged with Luminus, a supplier already established in Flanders. 

Then, from 2009, EDF, a large French energy group, took a majority share in the company until it was fully integrated in 2011. The company then took the name EDF Luminus, but continued to market its services under the Luminus brand in Belgium.

As an electricity producer, Luminus holds a number of shares in the ENGIE nuclear power stations in Belgium. But it also invests in thermal and hydroelectric power stations and in green energy via the exploitation of several dozen wind turbines on Belgian territory. Through these undertakings, it represents around 10% of the total installed capacity in Belgium.

In February 2021, Luminus has signed an agreement with the supplier Essent to formalize the acquisition of the latter. With this strategic move, Luminus maintains its position as the second largest supplier in the country, holding a quarter of the energy market in Belgium.

Traditional customer service and the benefits of My Luminus

Luminus offers its customers a number of communication channels. The gas and electricity supplier can be contacted by telephone, email or post. It is only its energy offers available exclusively online that need to be fully managed from the My Luminus platform. 

This platform comprises an online customer space. Its aim is to make it easy for customers to monitor their energy consumption and view their bills. They can also adjust their instalment amounts and amend their personal data. 


The Luminus products in detail

There are a variety of Luminus rate cards which often come with reductions for new customers. Thanks to these introductory promotions, customers are able to reduce their energy bill drastically in the first year. However, it is sensible to compare your gas and/or electricity offer againonce the temporary promotions have finished. 

All the Luminus electricity products have a gas equivalent with the same name.

It is worth noting that Luminus is a supplier that only operates in Flanders and Wallonia for individual customers. Households in Brussels can choose from a number of other suppliers.

✓ Luminus Ecoflex

Luminus Ecoflex electricity or Ecoflex gas is an energy contract which has a duration of up to two years and variable prices per kilowatt hour (kWh). During this period, the gas or electricity price will be reassessed every three months. 

This product is particularly suitable for people who want to support the renewable sector. In addition to offering green electricity, Ecoflex promises 100% carbon-neutral gas (or “climate-neutral” as Luminus calls it). To achieve this, Luminus undertakes to contribute an amount equivalent to its customer’s consumption to help fund projects that reduce CO2.

The billing method is based on individual preference, and the Luminus benefits are included in the services provided. It is worth noting that Ecoflex is particularly attractive in the first year as a result of the associated promotions.

✓ Luminus Essential

Luminus Essential electricity or Essential gas is a variable-rate contract with a duration of one year

It is one of Luminus’ 100% online products. With this product, the contract is managed online and the bills are received by email. Also, payment must be made by direct debit. 

These various features mean that Essential is cheaper than Ecoflex.

✓ Luminus Click

Click electricity or Click gas is a fixed-rate, 100% online contract with a duration of one year. It has the fixed-rate characteristic of the Essential product, but at a more attractive price.

✓ Luminus Comfy

The Comfy electricity or Comfy gas product (which replaces the Ecofix and BeGreen products) is a fixed-rate contract whose price is frozen for one year. Luminus guarantees 100% green electricity for this contract.

There are 3 plans: the Comfy (basic product), the Comfy Shine (for owners of solar panels) and the Comfy Plugin (for owners of electric cars).  

✓ Luminus Optimal

The Optimal electricity or Optimal gas contract offers a variable kWh price for a period of one year. It entitles the customer to a comprehensive service from Luminus, in other words access to My Luminus, a choice of payment method and involvement in actions and competitions.

✓ Luminus Optifix

The Optifix electricity or Optifix gas guarantees identical prices for two years. Its low price is attractive but it still requires payment by direct debit.

✓ Luminus Basic

Basic electricity or Basic gas is a product with indexed energy prices which is only available online. It does not have any exclusive promotions or reductions but can be managed from My Luminus.

It is also an open-ended contract which requires payment by direct debit. This contract offers competitive prices in return for the lack of choice.

✓ Luminus Home solutions : everything for your home!

To supplement its ranges of services, Luminus has developed a number of solutions relating to the home.

  • Boiler maintenance
  • Smart thermostat
  • Luminus Electro Repair and Replace: with this service, the legal warranty of certain domestic appliances can be extended up to 5 years.
  • Solar panels: Luminus will handle the installation of solar panels in partnership with Dauvister.
  • Comfort Service: this service operates by subscription and guarantees assistance and protection for your home in the event of urgent problems (a leaking roof, broken glass, a power cut, etc.).


Luminus is interesting for you if:

  • You prefer being supplied by a company who has been established for a long time;
  • You like to be able to choose from a range of packages;
  • You want a supplier who can offer you more than just an electricity supply by giving you access to a range of ancillary services.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house:0800 37 369


Contact Luminus

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