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Mega, a gas and electricity supplier based in Liège

Mega is a gas and electricity supplier operating across the whole of Belgium. As with several other energy suppliers, its services are available to private individuals as well as business customers.

Created in 2013, the company is a mid-sized organisation based in Liège. It likes to assert its local roots, pointing to the fact that many consumers are customers of foreign suppliers. Understandably, therefore, it positions itself as “a Belgian alternative to theenergy sector multinationals”.

In addition to highlighting its national identity, Mega also promotes a range of values as a means of differentiating itself from its competitors. For example, the company is keen to emphasise customer satisfaction, respect for the environment, and the ethics of its business model.

In practice, it is committed to providing quality service and clear, inexpensive pricing plans. These plans are likely to entice consumers who are cost-conscious but also environmentally aware. Indeed, Mega promises to provide green energy, and the company is also investing in photovoltaic installations and wind farms.


A service in the digital age

Online customer service...

Megagives prominence to new information technologies. This strategy allows it to automate and dematerialize many aspects of its service, thereby reducing its operating costs. In principle, this results in lower prices. 

But does this make Mega the cheapest supplier in the electricity and gas market? Not necessarily. Suppliers apply a number of other complex criteria to determine their prices each month. So, before signing up to a deal, it is essential to make a comparison between several energy contracts that meet your needs.

In any event, Mega’s web-oriented positioning naturally encourages consumers to communicate with the company digitally (by email and social media), and to use the MyMega online customer space. For those who are less familiar with online communication, the Liège-based company also offers a more traditional customer service (telephone or post). To avoid having to wait in a telephone queue, you can also ask Mega to call you back by completing a form on their website.

...and online billing

Mega promotes “online” billing by recommending electronic bills. As well as being more economical and environmentally-friendly, electronic bills also allow quicker administrative processing.

Concerning payment options, Mega allows bank transfers and direct debit. However, it encourages direct debits by offering a reduction of €5 per contract. It should be noted that, in Brussels, direct debit is obligatory and does not entitle the customer to any financial benefit. 


Fixed or variable energy rates for one, three or five years

Mega has a clear strategy for its products: “low prices now and in the future” rather than occasional temporary offers to attract customers.

How can you be sure? Use our gas and electricity price comparison tool. It is a quick and simple way for you to find out whether Mega is the cheapest gas or electricity supplier in Belgium for your consumption profile.

Mega offers three types of energy contract: Zen, Easy and Super. These packages are available for gas and electricity.

✓ The Zen contract, for peace of mind

With this contract, Mega offers a fixed price for gas and electricity for 3 or 5 years. In this way, the supplier hopes to retain its customers over the long term.

The rates are slightly higher than for its other fixed-price deals, but they are guaranteed to remain stable throughout the duration of the contract, whatever happens.

This contract offers other benefits, such as customer supportby telephone and freedom to choose how to pay your bills (direct debit or bank transfer).

✓ Easy, Mega’s flagship deal

Mega’s Easy contracts are the most flexible. With this deal, you can choose a fixed or variable price that is valid for one year.

You can also choose your payment method (direct debit or bank transfer), and, if you have a problem, you can contact an adviser by telephone.

It should be noted that this contract has an annual fee of €40.

✓ Super, the most economical deal

Mega’s Super gas and electricity contracts share the same rates per kilowatt hour as the Easy contracts. This applies to the fixed prices and the variable prices. The duration is also identical (1 year).

Mega imposes certain restrictions on your contract: 

  • To access customer service, you will need to go via your online platform;
  • Payment must be made by direct debit;
  • You will be billed quarterly.

If these are the options you would choose anyway, it is worth your while taking out a Super contract rather than an Easy contract.

✓ Mega Group, for variable or fixed prices.

The Mega Group offer provides a variable price option and a fixed price option for a period of one year each.


The annual fee is paid per year started, unless you have opted for a temporary delivery (empty house contract) and is worth €75.00.


For customers who have registered online for the Mega Group offer, a fixed discount of €90 and a variable discount of 2.7 c€/kWh is deducted from their electricity consumption. To be eligible, the customer must never have been in arrears and must have paid all their bills by direct debit.

Mega Energie : customer reviews

Choosing an energy supplier is not always easy. That's why, before making your choice, it can be interesting to read the customers' opinions. Most of them emphasize the competitiveness of the rates offered by the supplier. Moreover, all the offers proposed are based on green energy and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Nevertheless, some customers complain that they have already had some problems in terms of billing and underline a customer service that is not always reactive.

You may be interested in Mega if:

  • You would like your supplier to be mainly Belgian;
  • You prefer a responsive energy supplier with a human touch
  • You do not need any additional ancillary services and you prefer your supplier to focus on its core business, in other words supplying gas and electricity.

For queries concerning rates, switching supplier or moving house: 0800 37 369.


Contact Mega

Bills, threat of disconnection, pre-paid meter:

Customer service:

04 268 20 00

Open Mondays to Fridays, from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

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Rue Natalis, 2

4020 Liege

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