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About TotalEnergies

Total is a name that needs no introduction in the energy sector. It should be mentioned that the French group is a global giant of the oil and gas industry. Founded in 1924, its activities at the time focused mainly on oil refining and distribution. Today, its expertise extends across a range of fields.

In Belgium, the group formalised the takeover of Lampiris in 2016, This operation enabled it to expand its energy supply activities in our country. Since then, the services offered have been limited solely to SMEs, large companies and the self-employed. But, on 1 February 2022, Lampiris officially became TotalEnergies, for business customers and for individual customers. Moreover, nothing has changed in terms of contracts for any of these customers.

TotalEnergies is remaining true to the Lampiris tradition by stating that it supplies its customers with sustainable energy. It is also encouraging them to invest in photovoltaic installations

Accessible customer service

TotalEnergies can be reached via the normal communication channels: by telephone or by email. If necessary, you can also send the company a letter.

Regarding payment preferences, the energy supplier offers a choice of direct debit, bank transfer or Zoomit. When it comes to receiving bills, although billing via email is encouraged for environmental reasons, paper billing remains an option for Tip and TOP customers.

You can manage your contract easily via the “My Space” platform, where you can, for example, adjust the amount of your monthly instalments.

Straightforward products for small businesses and a customised offer for large companies

✓ Tip, the package for small consumers

In detail, Tip offers a variable price which is indexed quarterly. 

The contract lasts for one year, Customer who take out a Tip subscription also have access to all the services and customer benefits offered by TotalEnergies. 

The supplier states that this product is ideal for small consumers, in other words, households with one or two people.

✓ TOP, the “family” package

For households with higher consumption (typically families of three or more people), the company has created the TOP package. These contracts offer a fixed price per kWh. If you choose this package, please note that the charge is higher than for a Tip contract.

A TOP contract lasts for one, two or three years in Wallonia and Flanders, and for three years in Brussels. In terms of customer benefits, these are the same as those available to all other TotalEnergies customers.

✓ Online, the economical option

The key feature of the Online package is that online contract management and email billing are compulsory. In return for these restrictions, the Online package for gas and electricity offers competitive variable prices. These are indexed on a monthly basis. 

If you live in Wallonia or Flanders, the contract lasts for one year. If you live in the Brussels region, the duration will be three years.

✓ eMobility, the package tailored to electric cars

The eMobility package from TotalEnergies allows electric car owners to receive a fixed rate for a period of one, two or three years in Wallonia and Flanders, and three years in Brussels. Other benefits are included as well:

  • 2,000km free over one year or 6,000km free over three years;
  • A preferential night rate;
  • Green electricity.

As with the TOP and Tip products, TotalEnergies lets its customers decide how they wish to receive their bills and which payment method they would like.

✓Ancillary services consistent with sustainable development

TotalEnergies has diversified outside traditional gas and electricity supplies. Today, there are a range of services linked to the energy sector:

  • Insulation (quotations and works in partnership with external specialists)
  • Heating (boiler maintenance and breakdown assistance)
  • Photovoltaic panels (quotations and works in partnership with external specialists)
  • Delivery of heating oil and pellets

You may be interested in TotalEnergies if:  

  • You prefer simple pricing;
  • You want to sell on your green certificates under favourable conditions;
  • You appreciate a local service.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house: 0800 37 369

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02 486 21 21

Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Moving house078 48 08 88 (see further details)
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4000 Liège - Belgium

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