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Wase Wind, the local citizen cooperative

Wase Wind is a wind energy citizen cooperative. In other words, to become a customer you have to buy at least one share in the company, which entitles you to vote at meetings and receive dividends (maximum 6%). It should be noted that your holding will be invested fully in the production of wind energy in Flanders, since the company is based in the north of the country. 

Wase Wind supplies it cooperative member-customers with green electricitythat comes exclusively from local wind turbines. This means that the company only serves customers who are located near the wind turbines in question, whether private individuals or businesses. 

Here is a list of the towns and municipalities concerned: Anvers-Linkeroever, Berlare, Beveren, Termonde, Hamme, Kruibeke, Laarne, Lochristi, Lokeren, Moerbeke-Waas, Saint-Gilles-Waes, Saint-Nicolas, Stekene, Tamse, Waasmunster, Wichelen, Zele and Zwijndrecht.

Although this choice limits the company’s scope somewhat, it also helps to ensure a genuinely short, sustainable and transparent channel.

In addition, even though the electricity it supplies is purely wind-generated, the company also strongly encourages its customers to fit solar panels (photovoltaic and thermal). It is also quick to promote electric mobility and all other forms of clean energy.


Regular meetings with cooperative member-customers

Wase Wind is keen for its cooperative members to be truly involved in the life of the company and its future. To achieve this, the cooperative has developed a number of initiatives. For example, it regularly organises events so that the cooperative members can meet each other and exchange ideas, it sends out newsletters to inform its customers about the development of the wind farms, it encourages them to participate in the annual general meeting, and so on. We would expect nothing less from a company that advocates proximity and accessibility!

In addition to these initiatives, the customers themselves can also contact the company by telephone, email or post. They can also log on to their personal online space to view their bills in detail.

Regarding payment methods, Wase Wind offers the standard options of bank transfer or direct debit. If a customer is unable to pay, they can ask for their payment to be spread over 12 months and, if need be, they can request a deduction from the dividend owed to them.


Wind-generated electricity at a fixed price

Given the company’s positioning, Wind Wase offers just one contract : a one-year, fixed-rate, green electricity deal

This means that the Flemish cooperative retains a simple pricing structure that meets its customers’ essential needs. Concerning the price details, the company updates the information every quarter on its website in order to remain as transparent as possible. Remember, however, that the price may vary from one municipality to another depending on the network charges applicable.


You may be interested in Wase Wind if:  

  • You live in one of the municipalities served;
  • You would like to become a cooperative member of a sustainable project in your region;
  • You want to consume 100% green, locally-produced energy whose origin is genuinely traceable.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house: 0800 37 456


Contact Wase Wind

Billing, threat of disconnection, budget meter:

Customer service:

03 707 19 01

Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

PostSamelstraat 21A
9170 Saint-Gilles-Waes
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