Would you like to install a gas meter in your new home? In this case, you will first have to be sure to connect to this power. If so, this article should help you in all your steps, as we explain in detail how to connect to gas, Proceed with the installation of a gas meter and raise your indexes.

How does a gas meter work?

gas meter

The gas meter allows you to calculate the amount of natural gas you have consumed on a given period. The m3 consumed are then converted to kWh due to a conversion coefficient. Thanks to this system, your energy provider is able to set your invoice. Indeed, m3 represent the volume of energy delivered, while kWh represent the energy you consumed. This conversion allows a fairer and equitable tariff.

Unlike the electric counter, there is onlya gas meter model. This means there is no bi-hour or exclusive night counter and the kWh price is constantly the same, no matter the time of day or night.

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The gas meter has an EAN code and a number. While the meter number matches your installation, the EAN code is equivalent to your connection point. In Belgium, it consists of 18 digits and always starts with 54il always starts with 54. You will find it on an invoice or your energy contract. As for the meter number, it is directly listed on the meter, usually below your consumption index.

How to connect to gas?

Do you want to install a gas meter in your home? In this case, the first question you need to know is if you are connected to natural gas in your municipality. To do this, you can contact your distribution network manager – GRD -. The latter is in charge of connections but also of index statements, of the public lighting and the installation of the budget meters that we talk about more in detail at the end of the item.

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Your connection to Bears, Resa, Sibelga

In Brussels, all the municipalities of the Region are connected to natural gas. In that case, you can directly submit your request to Sibelga, the GRD, via their website.

Regarding Ores and Resa, the main GRD in Walloon Region, a preliminary study will have to be done to determine whether natural gas is passing through your municipality or even on your street. Then a technician will come and visit your site (for example, in the case of a new building) to determine your possibilities. If you are eligible for gas you will receive a quote and once you have accepted it, you will need to start the field pre-planning work so that your GRD can come and connect to it. Once they are completed, your GRD will be able to activate your installation. However, to do this, you will be in the obligation to take out an energy contract at the premise. Without this, neither Ores nor Resa will be able to install your counter and activate it.Don’t know which supplier to choose? In this case, use our online comparison tool. We take care of all administrative steps for a change of supplier, free of charge.

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Fluvius, the Flemish GRD, no longer allows gas connections

Since 2021, the Flemish Region has put in place a decree to prohibit gas connections for new buildings. This measure is intended to encourage people to turn to more ecological heating methods such as the heat pump, and reduce fossil energy consumption. However, this measure has not yet been approved at this time and is expected to be in 2023.

The opening of a gas meter in Belgium

Have you just taken away in a house or the gas meter is closed? In this case, you will have to proceed to its opening. The following procedure is more similar to a connection since you will need to have the EAN code and take out an energy provider before the GRD will open your meter.

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What is the price of a gas meter?

There is a difference between the price of a gas connection and the price of a gas meter. The first one does not have a fixed price and still requires a quote. When your GRD sends you a price offer, it takes into account:

  • Access to the gas network;
  • Plug outs;
  • Meter fees;
  • Work-related fees.

As for the meter itself, it is managed for free. Plus, Ores and Resa even grant bonuses of €250 for a new connection and €400 if you replace your heating facility with a natural gas installation.

In Brussels, Sibelga will charge you your new counter from 177 €, including VAT. The amount depends on the model, and therefore on the power, your meter.

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How do I report gas meters?

gas meter

Once a year, you are required to complete your index statement in order to adjust your monthly instalments to your actual consumption. Geometrically, a technician working for your GRD will come and do it for you. However, in case you are not passing through it, you will have to do it by yourself. Your GRD may also only move one year in two.

It was relatively easy to see a gas meter because it has only one index dial. Once your statement card has been retrieved, you will first need to check that the last four numbers in your counter match with the numbers on your card. Once these data have been verified, you will need to enter the numbers on the number of your counter with only digits before the comma.

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Budget Counter Case

The budget meter allows you to pay in advance for your electricity or gas consumption thanks to a card system. To do this, you will have to recharge your card and store it in your meter in order to access your energy. The budget meter is normally reserved for protected customers, namely people with financial difficulties or unpaid payments from their supplier. At that time, they receive the social rate and their GRD becomes their supplier for a hard-defined period.

Budget meter installation is free and performed by your GRD. The procedure is simple since the counter is in fact a box superimposed on your initial counter. You have just taken a seat in a budget meter house and want to disable it? In this case, you can order a deactivation card for your GRD. This operation is completely free. However, if you wish to remove the drink, you will have to pay for the intervention.

How to top up your budget meter?

The first step is to go back to your card by going to your GRD Welcome Office, at your CPAS or at a reload point (generally, bookstores and other stores with a reload terminal). Once at home, you will have to insert your reload card into your counter. When two beeps were issued, it means that the card was reloaded.

Make sure to recharge your card before running out of credit. If you have not had the time, it is possible toactivate emergency credit for an amount of €15. Be careful, however, once this backup pattern has been exhausted, you will be deprived of energy.

What about the smart meter ?

The smart meter (or communicator) is a meter that lets you digitalize all of your usage information. In this way, your GRD is no longer required to move for tasks such as index statements, opening or closing a counter.

In Belgium the smart meter is starting to take more and more space as it is expected that the whole country will be equipped with this technology by 2023. In other words, the smart meter will also replace the budget meter.

Unless the request comes from you, you should not start any steps to install the communicating meter. It is your GRD that makes contact and meet you to proceed with its installation.

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