In 2020, 500,000 households spend € 600 too much on their energy. This amount can rise to € 3,450 for some 20,000 SMEs (source: CREG).  The reason: ‘dormant contracts’ whose prices are significantly higher than active products. To assess this additional cost, the regulator has developed CREG Scan. This tool is the first step when it comes to switching supplier. However, it doesn’t take into account any current special offers and doesn’t allow you to switch supplier. This is where, the first CREG-certified comparison tool, comes in. It covers these various aspects so that you can choose the best contract on the market in just a few clicks.

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In 2020, electricity and gas prices have fallen to record low levels. This is due to a variety of causes. One of these is obviously the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 health crisis. Added to that, however, are weather conditions that favour the generation of solar and wind power, good levels of availability at nuclear power plants, a particularly mild winter, etc. In short, the reserves and capacities are full, while demand is falling.

This means that Belgian households have every reason to switch energy supplier as we write this text! CREG noted price variations clearly to the advantage of households between September 2019 and September 2020:

September 2020September 2019
Average yearly cost of electricity (consumption of 3,500 kWh)€ 824.70€ 890.40
Average yearly cost of natural gas (consumption of 23,260 kWh)€ 867.80€ 1,031.10
Source : CREG

In 2019, 360,000 households were in possession of a dormant contract. One year later, this figure rose to 500,000 households (+40 %). Those ones could potentially save up to € 265 a year for electricity and up to € 374 a year for gas. As  you can see, these are far from being small sums.

How can I efficiently switch supplier?

When it comes to taking out a new contract, 50 to 60 % of households choose one of the ten most expensive products on the market.

“Almost 1.8 million households have one of the 10 most expensive variable contracts on the market, while just 128,000 households have one of the 20 least expensive contracts on the market,” CREG stresses.

Source: Le Soir

This is why it is essential to compare the various offers available using certified tools. In practice, this involves two stages:

First of all, go to CREG Scan to assess where your contract stands in relation to the cheapest and most expensive prices on the current market. This initial stage allows you to decide whether or not it is useful to switch supplier.

If it is, use a certified online price comparison tool to find the best price offer based on your consumption profile. The comparison tool also enables you to switch supplier.

There is currently just one certified price comparison tool in Belgium: User-friendly, intuitive and free, allows you to compare the 650 rate plans that exist in Belgium in just a few clicks.

As well as putting forward exclusive special offers, the platform provides a clear and transparent calculation of the amount of your bill. So you are sure to make the right decision.

In addition, our  energy advisers  provide personalised support before, during and after you have switched supplier. Lastly, offers you the chance to take out a new contract in less than five minutes. And all this without any administration or exit fees.

Compare now all energy suppliers active in Belgium and save money on your bill ! Clients save an average of € 275 thanks to Have a look on your savings the first CREG-certified energy price comparison tool is the leader in the French-speaking market for online energy price comparisons. Since its creation in 2013 by the company Wikipower, the platform has helped more than 80,000 consumption points to switch supplier. In October, recorded an average saving of € 288 on yearly gas and electricity bills. Furthermore, guarantees that you benefit from the best rates as well as relevant, objective and quality information. To benefit from CREG certification, the platform promises to:

  • Supply clear information on the service;
  • Offer users an intuitive and user-friendly service;
  • Be precise and supply information that isn’t misleading, is complete, correct, relevant and up to date;
  • And to act responsibly regarding the information obtained from and sent to the user.
Only on discover all the suppliers' promotions!
Compare now Up to € 275 savings on your yearly bill

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Archive – April 2020 (energy prices variations between April 2019 and April 2020 on a national and regional scale, for both fixed and variable prices):


Fixed price trend

Variable price trend

National – electricity

– 13 %

– 18 %

National – gas

– 23 %

– 30 %

Wallonia – electricity

– 12 %

– 17 %

Wallonia – gas

– 22 %

– 30 %

Brussels – electricity

– 14 %

– 21 %

Brussels – gas

– 25 %

– 30 %