You need your EAN code for virtually all procedures related to your energy consumption. So it’s useful to be able to find it easily. But where should you look? We have made a list for you.

If you have already changed your energy contract, you must have had to pass on your EAN code (‘European Article Numbering’) to your new supplier. This is a  unique identifier that indicates an electricity or gas supply point. So it is linked to a housing unit, not to a person  — which is why, when you move to a new house, you will have to ask the previous occupier for it. To recognise it, remember that it consists of  18 figures starting with ‘54’.

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So one question that comes up regularly is: where can I find the EAN code? Admittedly, what with the customer number, the meter number or even the meter reading, it’s easy to get confused with all these figures!

So that you are not caught short the next time you need it, we have listed below all the ways to find your EAN code easily.

You will always find it on your bill and in your customer account.

Your EAN code must  always be included on your electricity or gas bill, regardless of whether you have a paper or a digital version. That’s why this is the first place you should look if you want to find it quickly.

Every supplier has its own way of arranging  the billing information, but generally speaking, your EAN code is in the upper part of  your bill. Be careful not to confuse it with your customer number, the bill number or the contract number.

Here are a few examples of standard bills from energy suppliers.

In addition, most energy suppliers offer an online customer account system on their website. If you connect to your account, you will find all the  details about your electricity or gas contract, including your  EAN code.

It can often be found on your meter

Attention de ne pas confondre le code EAN avec le numéro de compteur. Ce dernier, plus court que le code EAN, sert à identifier votre compteur. Si vous deviez remplacer votre compteur, ce numéro changerait également, mais votre code EAN resterait bien identique (logique, puisque votre point de fourniture reste le même !).

Can’t find your energy bills? And you don’t have a digital copy, either? No problem, your EAN code should in principle be indicated  on a label on your  meter or very close by. 

Note: even if you have a  night-rate only meter (whether it’s linked to a  dual-rate or a mono-rate meter), your EAN code remains unique. Your system operator may allocate you a separate EAN code for your night-rate only meter, but that is rare.

Your DSO can always help you

No bills to be found and nothing on your meter? No worries. You can always  ask your intermunicipal company or your distribution system operator (DSO) to let you have your EAN code. For that, you have to provide some information such as your name, your address and your meter number.

Below you will find links to the forms you should fill in to make your request, as well as the telephone numbers to contact your DSO directly: 

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Those who should be able to give you the information you need: the previous occupier

If you live in an apartment, it may be complicated to access your meter. If this is the case, it will be difficult for you to find your EAN code or even  your  meter number. So you are left with the solution of contacting the previous occupier or your landlord  if you are a tenant.

Note that in principle, when you moved in, you had to fill in a document with the previous occupier on taking over the energy supply. The information in the document should include the EAN code.

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Special case: a newly built home

If you are preparing to move into a newly built home, you do not yet have a valid connection point and therefore no EAN code. So you will have to submit a request for a supply point to be opened  to the DSO  in your area. Once that has been done, the operator will allocate an EAN code to your new house.

Where is your EAN code: recap

Here is a summary of all the means available to find your EAN code:

1. On your electricity/gas bill

2. In your online customer account, on your supplier’s website

3. On or near your meter

4. By asking your DSO or intermunicipal company

5. By asking the previous occupier of your home or your landlord if you are a tenant

6. On the energy takeover document that you filled in with the previous occupier

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