Too many! Your latest energy bill is huge? Make sure that there are several reasons why this amount was abnormally raised and you can correct the shoot!


Your contract has been renewed and are you seeing an increase in the amount of your down payment bills? You switched provider to make savings and yet your deposits are higher? You want to adapt or modify your payment invoices but you don’t know how to do it? Have you received an exorbitant gularization bill? Here are a few keys to see more clearly in your interactive and annual invoices.

What is a down payment invoice?

The down payment is a partial payment of a amount. In the Electricity and Gas sector, you have the choice of the periodicity of these deposits. Usually, consumers pay monthly instalments but you can sometimes choose bi-monthly (every two months) or quarterly (every three months) installments depending on the electricity and gas provider you choose from the energy comparator.

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How are my deposits calculated?

Deposits are in charge based on the history of your consumption. These are known thanks to the statement of your energy meter and then communicated to your supplier by the active distribution network manager (GRD) in your community. But in cases where you changed supplier or moved into a home that was connected to electricity and/or gas, no consumption history is available.

The provider will then rely on the consumption you will have communicated to them upon registration or on the size of the dwelling, to your energy uses and to the number of people present in the building. Next, the supplier will estimate your annual invoice in electricity and/or gas based on these consumptions and will calculate the amount of your deposit.

Coin Calculator
Depository invoices are based on your previous year consumption.

If it is cold, will my in-house invoices increase?

Seasonal temperatures are also taken into account to estimate your deposits. However, after a harsh winter, you consumed more electricity and/or gas, the supplier will not forcefully increase advances in the following year.

NB: as the calculation method may sometimes vary from one supplier to another your down payment bills may be higher after changing suppliers, even if your consumption remains the same. For more information, please contact one of our employees at 0800 37 369.

Did you know? In view of the drastic increase in energy cuts, most suppliers have decided to increase the amount of their customers’ deposits after sending their account invoice. The aim of this step is to prevent consumers from paying too much for their next review.

How is my annual account invoice calculated?

During your annual account invoice, your distribution network manager will make an index statement, it will then communicate to the supplier. With these values, the supplier can determine your exact electricity usage and/or yearly gas consumption and will tell you if an amount should be refunded (you consumed less than forecasts), or if there is still a balance to be paid (you consumed more than forecasts). This is called regularisation.

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Is my instalment bill the same regardless of the season?

The amount of your deposits will always be fixed throughout the year, regardless of the hard contract selected and its characteristics. So even for a contract with a variable fare, you will pay the same amount every month.

Why did my deposits increase?

This happens usually in two cases of figures:

  1. If you are at the end of the contract, a new tariff card is applied to you. However, since January 1st 2022, suppliers are equally required to send you a mail two months before your contract has reached in order to notify you and to offer you a lower price. In this way, you will always have the right to look at the established rate. These new rates may affect your new deposits as well as your final account. Every year, So it is important to compare electricity and gas prices to make sure to take advantage of the best energy pricing on the market”

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  2. On your electricity or gas bill, certain amounts are independent of the provider. These include distribution and transportation costs, which are invoiced by the network managers and may change each year. These costs must be passed on to your payment invoices by the supplier, even if it is independent of your tariff plan! This explains why your deposits can increase.

In addition, if you changed your rate of billing, the amount indicated on your gas or electricity bill has changed forcefully. Paying every month or every three months does not require the same amount at once.

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How do I change my down payments in the event of an estimate under or overvalued?

Although deposits are always meant to be the fairest representation of your consumption, you may want to anticipate some changes (no one less or more in the building, installation of photovoltaic panels, home insulation, purchase of power appliances…). It is possible to ask the supplier for an adjustment of the down-payment. Up-front adjustments can also be made at most suppliers (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).

As a rule, a simple phone call to the supplier will allow you to modify your deposits. But you can also make the necessary adjustments online. We have listed below, for each supplier, the easiest way to change the amount of deposits.

If, unexpectedly, after a deposit review, you feel you are paying too much, then maybe it’s time to compare the electricity prices and gas prices in order to choose a more competitive supplier.

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How do I ask my provider to adjust my monthly payments?



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  • ENECO service: 0800/17.451



Can a high energy bill be explained by an error?

Red Cross

If after checking the unusual amount of your invoice cannot be explained by changing your habits or equipment, nor by an increase of gas cuts or electricity, so perhaps it is the result of a record error. To find out if this is the case or not, check the index shown on your account invoice. Is it incorrect? Make a complaint to your supplier by asking them to rectify it in order to receive a fair invoice this time. Please make sure you pay the amount you do not dispute in order to prove your good faith and avoid suffering a power or gas cut.

In addition, it can happen that the information is false due to a broken counter. Warning: as a result of a meter change, the specified consumption may sometimes seem excessive. But this shows in reality the malfunction of the old one. If you are considering this possibility, you can also express your doubts to your GRD. He will then set up a control counter that will work in parallel with the current one. Please be aware that you will be invoiced but will be reimbursed if there is a problem.

Finally, when you see a significant increase in your consumption for no apparent reason, make sure you do not fall victim to an electric theft. Another consumer could be connected to your meter.

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How do I reduce my energy bill?

Not a victim of a defective meter and did not notice any errors regarding your power bill? So, it may just be that you consume too much energy ! You need to set up a few tricks to reduce your consumption and therefore your electricity and/or gas bill.

For example, if you have a two-hour counter, we recommend that you use your most energy energy energy during off-peak hours. Take advantage of washing machines and dishwashers in the evening or during the weekend.

In the kitchen, replace your old electrical appliances with new ones of power class A, which is the most economical and ecological.

Finally, pay attention to the sleep usage ! Turn off your multiprises if you don’t use them, unplug your internet box when you go on holiday and unplug any devices that you do not use or do not need to load into the immeditate (GSM, coffee machine, kitchen robot…).

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